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Trading club for US stock investors and crypto traders.

30%Club, a trading club created for the next-generation of investors, wants every Millennial and Gen Z to learn about the Stock Markets and Bitcoin. The club aims to be the go-to platform for educational and advisory resources for stocks and crypto investing. By breaking the knowledge barrier, we serve as a learning bridge for anyone looking to trade these markets.

Thanks to the recent wave of fintech startups creating digital brokerage apps and the timely introduction of fractional shares, digital natives now have seamless and affordable access to the US stock markets. Now, folks can invest in high growth stocks effortlessly, from their smartphones. Also, Crypto offers an exciting alternative to stock trading. While stocks are an established asset, Bitcoin and Crypto are of a next-generation asset class and 30%Club helps you navigate better in these fascinating markets. The clubs’ mission is to simplify complex financial information and decisions so that individuals have the confidence to trade & invest better.

Users who sign-up with 30%Club have access to a dashboard with educational content, real-time market data, instructional videos and knowledge podcasts. The platform is free for all to sign up while premium members are charged a small fee for access to market intelligence. 

The club is non-custodial which means members handle & manage their capital personally. 30%Club does not invest nor trade on behalf of the public. Advertisement

DIY Investing is the new cool.

Seyi Atere-Roberts, the clubs’ founder, believes there’s a paradigm shift in retail investing. DIY Investing is rapidly becoming the norm, especially with the rising number of failed investment schemes and the endless Ponzi’s. The proliferation of stock and crypto investment apps has simplified access to global financial markets.

We are at the beginning of a global trading mania, we reckon one in every two digital natives will be active traders this decade. The financial innovation that led to Fractional Shares (buying $10 of any stock) has democratized investing, dismantling a price entry barrier, Crypto is already accessible and can be traded with as little as $10.

30%Club aims to guide the new generation of investors by providing a simplified learning experience. We implore our members to allocate most of their capital to long term investing in fundamentally solid Stocks, ETFs & Bitcoin while the rest to trading trends and momentum. The power of compounding ensures their long term portfolio grows exponentially while their trading portfolio profits from short-term trends bringing in additional monthly income. Investing is a lifelong lifestyle, trading is the new cool and dabbling in these fascinating assets is going to be as common as TikTok within the next decade.

You can learn the basics in an hour on our simplified Podcast and holla on Twitter or Facebook


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