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The new Fundall claims to be the smart bank you never had

Building on the feedback of several earlier adopters that grew over time—to about 11,000 as at launch—the team at Fundall finally launches what it calls the full version of its digital bank. 

In the words of the founder, Kolapo Joseph, who is a finance professional with an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, “We started Fundall to be a financial partner that helps everyone build generational wealth & grow their businesses through sound financial decisions & finance tools powered by Behavioural Economics and customized to their lifestyles”.

Riding on the quite ambitious slogan “Your bank. In deed”, Fundall’s way of fulfilling its promise is its range of features that put the user in the centre and makes it easy for them to budget, save, spend, invest and do more with their money the smarter way.

 “We pride ourselves as the financial partner everyone needs. We have several financial tools tailored to people’s lifestyle ranging from Budgeting & Spending Tracker, Automated Savings & Investments tied to their spending, access to Portfolio Line of Credit when they need money but their funds are locked in a savings goal, Fundall Lifestyle Card that helps them spend wisely as it is tied to their budget. Just like any bank, you can pay Bills, buy Airtime & Data from your Fundall Mobile and Web App as well as use your Fundall Lifestyle Card to make purchases at any POS Terminal or withdraw money from an ATM.” Taiwo Obasan, CEO of Fundall said in a recent interview. Advertisement

Perhaps one of its most convincing features would be the automated savings where one could authorize the app to save the equivalent of a certain percentage of every money spent with the app. This ties up with their idea of “being tailored to your lifestyle”, that is, it doesn’t matter if you continue to indulge in your spending habits, you could also smartly tie your savings to every time to spend.

Other features include, among so many others, setting automatic reminders to debtors, which can be very useful for entrepreneurs especially;  an efficient budget tracker that provides intelligent insights into your spending, as well as being able to send money to anybody once you have their phone number or email. They simply get a link and the money waits for them once they click and sign up on Fundall. 

It is too early to tell how people find the new product but if the feedback of over 11,000 users of the Beta version is anything to go by, this may be a huge milestone for digital banking in Nigeria. Time and user feedback will tell.

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