Sub-Saharan Africa Trade Agency Appoints Kaspersky as Cybersecurity Partner

Africa House London – a trade agency established to encourage trade, commerce, and investment between the UK and a selected number of Sub-Saharan African high-growth markets – has appointed Kaspersky as its cybersecurity risk management commercial partner for its trade initiative.

This is expected to see Kaspersky provide cybersecurity services to both British companies setting up business in Africa and African organisations establishing themselves in the UK.

“Being named a Commercial Partner in this significant programme designed to increase UK and Africa bilateral trade and ensure stability and prosperity for the markets in a post-Brexit landscape, highlights the trust and belief in Kaspersky as a leading cybersecurity vendor. As such, Kaspersky is positioned as an expert thought leader on ICT infrastructure security solutions for growth and corporate businesses,” says Lehan van den Heever, Enterprise Cyber Security Advisor for Kaspersky.

The trade initiative mechanisms will be deployed through three modules – a cloud-based trading and collaboration platform; workflow and thought leadership resources; and an interactive and searchable customer relationship management database.

“Any leads or partnerships discovered will be managed through our African channel and benefit both partners and resellers in those countries. Through Africa House, Kaspersky will have widespread public visibility as a leader within the cybersecurity arena and have access to more than 6 000 UK and Sub-Saharan Africa growth businesses looking to set up or expand within Africa,” adds van den Heever.

Anthony Martin, Africa Trade Initiative Director, says, “We are excited to be working with Kaspersky on this important initiative. There is huge growth potential in African markets for UK businesses, and it is critical to the UK’s continued success, in a post-COVID-19, post-Brexit landscape, that UK businesses unlock that potential. Commercial Partners such as Kaspersky are instrumental in ensuring that businesses remain protected as they move into new markets, allowing them to confidently navigate the complexities of international trade.”