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South Africa: Software Company Announces Vaccine Verifier

ATG Digital has already brought instant vaccine verification access control to market

Identification verification software leader, ATG Digital, has announced a new tool for employers and public establishments to verify visitors’ vaccine status at access control points.

Vaccine mandates are hot on everyone’s lips this season, but before the first fourth-wave headline, ATG Digital’s R&D department had already completed their vaccine verification feature.

Upon entry, visitors are prompted to scan their vaccine passport QR code directly with the ATG scanner to verify their vaccination status. Unvaccinated persons, or those without a valid vaccine passport, are then required to complete additional screening steps such as COVID screening questions and health declarations.

In line with their reputation in pioneering access control and visitor management solutions, ATG Digital architects began work when they saw the first vaccine certificate with a QR code. “We knew we could give organisations peace of mind knowing they can scan, filter and verify the vaccination status of individuals entering their site,” says Ross Barron, ATG Digital solutions architect.

The feature is free and readily available to all new and existing ATG digital customers—who need only update their software for full access. Customisation is available via the ATG Digital support desk.

When asked why the new feature is free, spokesperson Ariel Flax says, “We exist to help organisations tighten their risk prevention measures, and we strive to stay ahead of potential company or site policies.

“Vaccine status scanning is not a luxury but is necessary for safeguarding workplaces and pubic premises. We consider it our civic responsibility to enable such. We hope that this feature will go a long way to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.”


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