Put An End To “Let Me Talk To The Boda Guy” 

Giving directions in peri-urban and hard to reach areas in Africa is up there with some of the most bothersome tasks. It involves invoking insignificant landmarks like trees and chapati stalls, odd instructions like “slope dooooown and keep sloping”, things like turn left and right and then left again alongside many other nudges that make the process very hectic. This could be solved by just having a digital address, which ADAS is here to provide.

ADAS is a digital addressing application that provides addresses to anyone anywhere in the world with just use of a mobile phone or computer.These addresses are simple to remember and tailor made just for that particular point where you are.

The reason why directions are hard to give is because many Africans live along unmarked roads and unmapped properties.This characteristic is mostly common in peri-urban and rural areas/places around the cities which have high settlement concentration. There is a need for regular service provision to these places in areas of health, lifestyle, commerce and transportation.

It is in areas like these where service providers find their biggest audiences and where the government needs to provide quick response to health, welfare and other emergencies. However, it is hard to reach an individual because they don’t have a proper address.

ADAS works in a simple way; after downloading the app on your phone, simply open it with your location turned on. With just one click, a unique code of your precise location will be generated, for example UG-228-219. That will be the address of that place or more precisely, your ADAS. In case you are ordering something or directing anyone, all you have to do is share your ADAS with that person, who inputs it into their app and they can locate you exactly where you are.

If there is anything catchy about this app, it is the pinpoint accuracy it comes with. Unlike many location services that can lead you into a trench when you are looking for a church, the ADAS algorithm is  commendable with its direction. That means that even as a business owner who delivers to your customers, you can have their exact addresses and reach them without wasting time and incurring more costs on airtime.

Create an ADAS today and be able to call for quick help in emergencies, to seamlessly direct people to your place, direct friends to the plot via the weekend, enable the delivery guy to reach you fast, to hail a ride, reach your customers easily and more. 

There are limitless possibilities with this platform so don’t be left behind. Create your ADAS today and be reachable.

The platform is available on Playstore, App Store and the Web. Visit https://theadas.app.link to download the app