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Paystack becomes WooCommerce’s preferred payment partner in Africa

WooCommerce, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world, has selected Nigeria’s Paystack as its preferred payment partner in Africa. 

This means Paystack is now automatically integrated into the WooCommerce experience and WooCommerce merchants can easily accept payments via Paystack. Before the partnership, merchants and developers had to separately download the Paystack plugin and integrate it into their WooCommerce account.

How did it happen? 

According to WooCommerce Director of Business Development, Mechiel Couvaras, Paystack is “leading” the change in bringing a world-class payment experience to African merchants. In May 2020, Paystack tweeted that it processed half of Nigeria’s online payments. It currently has over 60,000 active businesses using its product to accept payments. 

“Their product offering, user experience, and expansion plans within Africa were some of the most important factors in considering the partnership. Receiving funding from Stripe and Visa was also a strong indicator of their potential.” Mechiel added.

Since being acquired by Stripe in October 2020. Paystack, which only had operations in Nigeria and Ghana, has expanded into the South African market. And for WooCommerce, though e-commerce is still nascent in most African countries, Nigeria and South Africa are amongst its fastest-growing countries globally.  

More Partnerships 

Partnerships are one of the major ways African fintech companies can grow and Paystack understands this assignment. It has gotten into more partnerships with four South Africa-based digital agencies to create a seamless experience for its users. These partnerships are an indicator of Paystack’s dedication to its most recent market, South Africa.

“We’ve also partnered with some of our friends at 4 digital agencies —SemanticaWowwYobo and Gen6 to help you set up your WooCommerce store for a fee,” said Joel Bronkowski, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Paystack and a renowned partnership broker.

Paystack now joins its parent company, Stripe as an independent partner in WooCommerce’s payment pool and we expect this partnership to speed up its expansion plan into other African countries.


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