Microsoft Launches $100M Centre In Lagos Nigeria

American Multinational technology corporation Microsoft, which specializes in the production of computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, etc has opened its first African Development Center in Lagos, Nigeria. The center, which is estimated to be a $100 million investment, located at 24 Glover Road, Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria will serve as a premier center of engineering for Microsoft, where world-class African talent can create solutions for local and global impact. It is also a center where software engineering solutions are expected to be provided to Africa.

According to sources, the hub was not only launched in Nigeria but also in Nairobi Kenya. This investment by Microsoft is indeed a great sign of the continent’s growing importance as a global hub for talent. In a speech given by the Microsoft corporate Vice President Mr. Michael Fortin, during the launch, he disclosed that the main purpose of establishing the firm is to recruit exceptional engineering talent as well as provide them the opportunity to work on the latest technologies suitable for the country and the rest of the world.

He further disclosed that doing so will enable engineers to enjoy meaningful work from their home countries, while plugged into a global engineering and development organization. This is indeed great news for not just Nigeria but Africa, and it is also worthy to note that this is Microsoft’s first development center in Africa. 

According to information obtained, it was disclosed that the President Muhammadu Buhari government entered into a partnership deal with Bill Gates to provide over 27,000 jobs for Nigeria tech gurus. This is indeed a laudable achievement coming from the Buhari Administration. Considering the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, this center will reduce the numbers of unemployed youths in the country, which will keep them engaged thereby shunning violence and other vices in society.

Despite the ugly way Africa has been depicted, the region remains a gateway to investments for top organizations. With the booming tech ecosystem in Nigeria, this landmark project will accelerate the digital transformation not just in Nigeria but in Africa, as well as aid in the delivery of cutting edge digital solutions. The launch of the center has shown that the multinational technology corporation has keenly observed the country to be a leading tech giant on the African continent, and deemed the country a worthy partner.

This partnership with Nigeria will see a rising number of investors in the country which will boost the country’s economy. It is worthy to note that Nigeria has a very young population known for innovation and creativity which explains why Nigeria leads in several innovations on the continent. As of January 2022, it was recorded that a total of 7 unicorns were doing exceptionally well on the African continent, and 5 of them had their roots in Nigeria.

Nigerian start-ups have been dominating on the continent, so this partnership with Microsoft doesn’t come as a surprise at all. I strongly believe that other tech companies are observing the groundbreaking achievements emanating from Nigeria and will not hesitate to tap into its booming tech sector. This partnership by Microsoft will see more international corporations taking a cue from them and also investing in the country.

During the launch, it was disclosed that University graduates in Nigeria, will have access to the center in order to build a relevant and meaningful career in data science, mixed reality, AI, and many more. It might interest you to know that the center has also adopted programs that will utilize emerging technologies to solve national problems in Agriculture, Energy, Education, etc. They already have a mapped-out plan that will help to solve some technological problems in the country. 

I am indeed anxious to see what will happen out of this, as I also have the inkling that more groundbreaking achievements will be recorded as the country is already a hotbed for technology.