Kosmero set to give Nigerians a better experience with K-Food, K-Ride

A tech solutions company, Kosmero Ltd, is pleased to announce the launch of two products, Kosmero Food (K-Food) and Kosmero Ride (K-Ride).

Kosmero is responsible for the web and mobile application designed primarily to cater to customers’ expectations of immediacy.

K-Food, an advanced online food ordering and delivery service system, caters to the needs of both buyers and sellers on the platform.

The Chief Executive Officer of Kosmero Ltd, Williams Peter, said K-Food was designed “to improve the food delivery industry by ensuring speed, affordability and efficiency”.

“We enjoy solving problems through technology, and this is just one of our solutions to eradicate the challenges faced in the food delivery space.”

The food app allows customers to browse and order from their favourite local restaurants and food vendors. Customers can also book personal chef services with the Book Ahead option.

Through the Special Instruction button, customers can give special directives, which will be accessed by a restaurant during order processing.

According to Peter, the app also gives users the option of selecting a preferred language to make their purchases.

Another feature of the K-Food app is its responsiveness. Customers will receive a response almost immediately after their order is placed. This way, they are able to quickly satisfy their cravings the moment they start to have it.

“In terms of payment, our app permits users the option of cryptocurrency and that makes us the first to accept crypto in the food delivery space in Africa,” the Kosmero CEO said.

Kosmero believes that the app will allow food vendors and restaurants to increase their scope of business and reduce the cost of labour incurred. 

“We are focused on making online food ordering and delivery affordable. This we do without compromising on the profitability of a given restaurant and driving the force of assortments,” Peter said.

K-Ride addresses the community’s needs for logistics and service providers in general.

“K-Ride stands out to be a ‘SuperApp,’ a one-stop platform for many services connecting users with registered partners. What makes it different from others is our ability to fully integrate an on-demand, multi-service tech platform providing access to a wide range of services including logistics, pharmacies, groceries, and many more services,” Peters said.

The app gives users a pleasant experience by connecting them to the nearest service provider and logistics personnel who can make purchases and pick up items from any location for them.

Through this platform, users can easily engage a service provider close to them, and the difficulty of moving an item from one point to the other is solved.

Most importantly, the Live Navigation button in the app makes it easy for riders to navigate to the customer without switching between apps. This also ensures that a customer can track their order as soon as it is sent out for delivery.

According to the Kosmero CEO, K-Ride began with several questions, which inspired a group of amazing friends to start the company in their house.

“Today, the tiny company has turned to be K-Ride, a SuperApp taking on the problems that affect the region including access inequality, outdated infrastructure and income disparity,” he said.

Kosmero’s core value is built on speed as it understands the importance of time in delivering services to customers in the most affordable ways.

Our solutions in the food delivery and logistics industries are built on cutting-edge technologies to eliminate the gap between ordering and satisafaction. Kosmero is focused on serving customers in the quickest way possible. 

Users and service providers can earn from using the app. All they have to do is share invite codes with others and earn money upon successful registrations.