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Is your business ready for the New Normal?

As the country gradually opens up again, so are our businesses. However, we aren’t going back to normal. We are opening back up to a world where people have adjusted to working remotely and have been forced to gain a new command of the digital space. Everything has moved online and if current trends are anything to go by, remote work is the future. Is your business ready for this new normal? As a business owner, can you afford to run your business remotely? Going digital is only scary if you don’t know how, but Crown Interactive is here to help.

A few months ago, CBN introduced a N50 billion Targeted Credit Facility (TCF) as a stimulus package to support micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) that have been affected by the pandemic. If you’re eligible and receive a loan, how about you invest in digital tools that will actually help your business perform better than it once did? Crown Interactive, with the CICOD product, wants to help you ensure that your business is more efficient, digital-friendly, and thus, resilient to some of the economic shocks we’re living through today. Currently, CICOD suite of tools is running a free 30day trial period so that you can experience all that has been mentioned at no cost!

The CICOD suite of tools comes with all you need to manage your business digitally, allowing you to run the shop remotely and enable other people to sell on your behalf, but still leaving you in charge of a centralised hub. Decentralising by introducing new sales channels – like selling via agents, social media, call-to-shop – makes it more convenient for customers to shop with you and effectively, more convenient for you to increase your revenues.

For some MSME’s, reopening means you may first have to get rid of the old stock you’ve been sitting on during lockdown to make way for the new. How about a clearance sale? With CICOD on your computer, you can run promotions, apply discounts directly, and track and monitor leftover stock in the inventory, all from the comfort of your home.

But what good is a sale if you have no way to let your customers know about it? With our software, you can manage a whole database of customers and easily text them, send them invoices, and even monitor buying patterns so that you can more suitably fulfill the needs of your clientele. You can even take this further and run a loyalty scheme, to make sure you keep the regulars coming back!

As the shops open up and your customers begin to stroll back in, let them see that there’s been an upgrade, that you’ve let CICOD bring your business into the now. Choosing us isn’t difficult, and we have a dedicated support staff to help you each step of the way. At Crown Interactive, we don’t just want you to survive in this period – we want you to thrive in it too! Let us equip you with the digital tools that you need to take your business to the next level.

Head to our website, to take advantage of your free trial and help us help you maximise the potential of your business in this new normal.

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