How LifeBank is Helping The Healthcare System in Nigeria – Launches Oxygen Plant in Nasarawa State

Temie Giwa – Tubosun Chief Executive Officer – LifeBank

Founded in 2016, LifeBank is a healthcare technology and logistics company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, with branches in Kenya and Ethiopia. Its vision and mission is to ensure no African dies because critical supplies were unavailable. In line with LifeBanks’s objective of saving a million lives across Africa is the launch of its latest product; AirCo, an agile scalable platform for producing medical Oxygen. 

AirCO launch is scheduled to take place in Orozo, Nasarawa state, Nigeria on the 13th of July, 2021 at 11 am. The event is planned to have both physical and virtual attendance and will be graced by prominent guests;  the Commissioner for Health, Nasarawa state, Managing Directors of hospitals, and key stakeholders in the medical, humanitarian and other fields.

The supply of oxygen has been a major challenge within the healthcare sector in Nigeria. There are at least 30 oxygen plants but healthcare facilities still run out of supply due to poor maintenance and epileptic electricity.  AirCo is a solution to this supply challenge. This launch will be celebrating LifeBank’s milestone and commendable contribution towards improving better access to healthcare in Nigeria.

Concerning the oxygen plant launch, the CEO said, “At LifeBank we are driven by impact. We simply cannot accept that hundreds of thousands of our people will die because of something like medical oxygen particularly up North.  So my team and I got together to launch AirCo and partnered with Oxygen Hub. AirCo is a tech and data driven oxygen PSA plant for the people of Nasarawa and the North Central. Our goal here is to use our technical innovation to save the lives of the most vulnerable. Thanks to all the people at LifeBank and our partners for making this a success.”

The launch event promises to be insightful and informative. This commendable work by LifeBank will be one of the many impacts they will have across the country and in Africa. Currently, LifeBank is already making a difference by providing blood and other medical supplies in Africa.

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