Google Stadia could Rollout New YouTube Streaming Feature

Google is expected to roll out a new Stadia feature which would allow users to directly stream to YouTube.

According to 9to5Google, the tech giant has already started a “slow rollout of direct YouTube live streaming for its Stadia platform with the button no longer showing a ‘coming soon’ banner for some users” – but “only on the web app, not Chromecast or Android”.

Writer, Ben Schoon says “I was able to briefly test this feature after getting streaming to work on my account.”

“After tapping the “Stream directly to YouTube” button under the livestream button in Stadia’s friends menu, Stadia asks for a title for the streaming video as well as privacy options, the audience (for/not for kids), and the option to show a viewer count while you’re playing. You can also turn on optional features such as Crowd Choice and Crowd Play from this UI, although the latter feature still isn’t rolling out widely.

As far as audio goes, users have the option to capture audio as:

  • YouTube & Game Chat — The game audio, your voice, and anyone in your in-game voice chat
  • YouTube only — The game audio and your audio only
  • Party Chat only — The game audio is streaming with no voices, but party chat still works in private
  • No one — No viewers or players will hear your, but game audio is streamed

It’s unclear if Google has any options for muting the audio stream to prevent copyright issues.”