ADAS the new Digital Addressing APP

A swift buzz has taken over the streets and suburbs of Kampala about this new and amazing technology, you can almost hear the words ‘my ADAS?’ ringing in your head.
On 6th April 2021, Africa Digital Address Systems Ltd, a Ugandan based company, revealed ADAS for the first time, to the world. The ADAS app generates digital addresses for any location across the globe. If you have ever used your address as some street no, plot no, or any form of addressing, this is no different. I could say better because of its efficiency, reliability and accuracy.
This great invention has come from young brilliant minds that looked at the problems and challenges faced by many Africans while trying to access services. One outstanding issue was that many African households do not have an address allocated to them, this instantly makes it hard to uniquely identify the households.
The world is currently on a digital wheel that’s increasing speed by the hour, more and more innovations being consumed by people as more and more are being developed. The top of this tech list is the smartphone which allows you to have a million services stored in your pocket and accessible in a heartbeat.

Mr Yusuf Kayiwa the ADAS  lead developer of the app

The ADAS app is available on Google play store, Apple Store and is also accessible on the website
This app functionality is not only limited to offering digital addresses and mapping them to specified locations, It can also be used for locating and navigating from one ADAS address to another.
We have all at a time faced difficulty in trying to locate a given shop, home, office, school or any other space to which you are headed. The most common form of addressing in Africa is by defining specific features close to one’s location with statements like “after the blue gate”, “look for the mango tree”, “ask the people at the Boda stage” or “Let me talk to the boda guy (driver)”.
This is quite inaccurate and time wasting which causes a lot of frustration to the person trying to locate you.
With the ADAS app, just enter the person’s digital address in search and the app will pin point you to the exact location which you can then easily move to.
It can be used in various sectors of business e.g. e-commerce, health, ride hailing, Shipping and Logistics, Emergency handling, Government, Banking and many more.
Hope on to the digital age, it’s simple, it’s memorable, its ADAS.