10 African Entrepreneurs Shaking the Global Space

    African Entrepreneurs

    Africa is not only rich in culture, population, potentials and natural resources, the continent is blessed with innovative and dynamic people who have more recently been major players at the global forefront, facilitating innovations and creating strategic solutions to world economic challenges.

    African men and women from various backgrounds and different works of life have created incredible impact and are actively changing their societies, providing values, and dishing out ground-breaking solutions, are collectively elevating the continent’s place in the global space.

    Out of several of them, we are turning the spot light on ten outstanding African man and women who are proving to be real catalysts changing the African narrative.

    1: Ham Serunjogi and Maijid Moujaled, Co-founders of Chipper Cash
    The fintech startup’s co-founders, Ham and Maijid, co-founded the company in 2014 and quickly built it into one of Africa’s most valuable startups. In 2021 alone, Chipper Cash raised $250 million and launched operations in both the US and the UK to facilitate global remittances to Africa.

    2: Samuel Ajiboyede, CEO of Zido Global
    A disruptive digital innovator, business strategist and start-up tech entrepreneur, Samuel is fast establishing himself as a thought leader in early-stage tech investment and finance, blazing a trail in the digital freight broker industry. Zido Global, Africa’s biggest Freight Brokerage Platform raised $3 million to scale the mission of helping organizations fix logistics frictions. Zido has signed the largest bulk contract in its history at $10 million per year contract with one of Africa’s largest conglomerates.
    Samuel was a partner with General Electric, where he redesigned the hybrid power system of telecom site BTS to work with multiple power input, solar, public power, and generator. He is also the inventor of the Hanord Concept of electric vehicle. Convener of the Growth Africa Startups, Samuel has impacted numerous startup tech companies. He has grown a very strong influence and following in the tech and digital space in Africa and the global space. He is the author of the fondly read “The Entrepreneur’s Diary” on LinkedIn and Medium.

    3: Dare Okoudjou, Founder & CEO of MFS Africa
    Dare and his fintech startup are on a mission to make it easier for Africans to send and receive money, just as easy as it is today to make and receive phone calls. So, last year, he really set his plans in motion by raising a significant amount of money (about $100 million) through debt and equity. His company was among the top 20 African startups that raised the most funds last year.

    4: Andrew Watkins-Ball, Founder & CEO of JUMO
    In 2021, Andrew’s JUMO raised an impressive $120 million in equity funding from various investors including Visa, Kingsway Capital and Fidelity. The fintech company plans to use the money to facilitate its international expansion. Already, JUMO is present in more than six African countries, namely South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda and Rwanda.

    5: Olugbenga GB Agboola, Co-founder & CEO of Flutterwave
    This fintech startup was among the top fundraisers in 2021, having secured $170 million in equity funding during a Series C funding round that was led by Tiger Global and Avenir Growth. We look forward to seeing the new innovations Olugbenga and his team will be coming up with this new year.

    6: Peter Njonjo, Co-founder and CEO of Twiga Foods
    Twiga Foods, raised an impressive $50 million last year to facilitate scale. The company is aiming for a valuation of $1 billion within the next five years. So, it’s really exciting to watch out for what Peter and his team are set to do this new year towards actualizing that medium-term goal.

    7: Drew Durbin, Founder & CEO of Wave Mobile Money

    This serial tech entrepreneur is also the founder of SendWave, the popular global remittance service. Last year, Drew and his team raised $200 million in equity funding during a Series A funding round was led by Sequoia Heritage, Founders Fund, Ribbit Capital and Stripe. We shall be watching as Drew and his team continue to scale and expand the Senegal-based fintech firm.

    8: Onyekachi Izukanne Co-founder & CEO of TradeDepot
    Described as the engine of retail distribution in Africa, Onyekachi’s TradeDepot is doing incredible stuff facilitating commerce in Nigeria and elsewhere. The B2B eCommerce and retail platform raised one of the largest funds in 2021 at over $100 million.

    9: Shivani Siroya, Founder & CEO of Tala

    This fintech startup raised $145 million in 2021 to facilitate the expansion of its mobile lending business. In 2011, Shivani left her well-salaried job as an investment banker to establish Tala. And within a decade, it’s obvious that the company is doing amazing.

    10: Tauriq Keraan, CEO of TymeBank
    This South African digital bank first raised $109 million in February and by the end of the year, announced that it had “secured investments from Tencent and CDC to complete its US$180 million Series B capital raise”.